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This was my caaakkke

Hey….hey guess what
Its my birthday

Anonymous asked: OMG you met jake!! Story time pleeeeeeaassse!!!!

Haha okay.

Right so after the gig finished, which was fucking amazing, I found out where the stage door was and waited there along with everyone else. I met Johnny Marr ‘cause he came out quite quickly though I didn’t get to take a picture with him. *sad face*Also there was this drunk bloke who was saying he was Jake’s older brother and Jake’s song writer…

We waited for about 2 hours or something like that. Someone asked when the coach was going to leave, due to when the coach leaves Jake has to be on there, and they said around about 1am due to an after show party. I met Jake’s cousin who looks more like his twin and I talked to Tom. (A lot of the people who worked there were quite rude and someone asked if he was gonna come out anytime soon so they could know due to the fact it was freezing and he was like ‘well its your fault for waiting’ or some just walked around and just ignored you.)

When he finally did come out I got a picture with him and wished him a early happy birthday and subtly stated mine was just 2 days after his and so we wished each other early happy birthdays haha. He was really shy similar to me and I felt kind of stupid saying when my birthday was but I had been thinking about it and just blurted it out. But yeah he was worth the standing in the cold waiting

Yay I got to meet him
My view right now
So this is my new wallpaper…

Anyone else?

Anonymous asked: Your memes are fuckin great lmao

Thank you!!! I do try haha

I saw the picture and I acted.

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